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KremlinCMS - Kremlin's Content Management System

KremlinCMS - Content Management System

Недвижимость в Великобритании.

Editing websites with KremlinCMS is as simple as surfing the Web - anyone with a web browser can update the content of the site.

KremlinCMS, developed by Kremlin Productions, makes it as simple as possible for users to maintain existing web sites. Our Content Management System allows anyone to edit pages without the knowledge of HTML and without the need to buy and install expensive web-editing software. As an editor you only need a Web browser to create and edit content.

KremlinCMS is so user friendly and intuitive that you will not need any training courses. You will have 24 hour access to the content of your site, and even most unskilled computer users will be able to login easily and update the website in real time. This is a perfect internet solution for frequently updatable features of the website such as "News", "Price Lists" etc.

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